Indoor shooting training for marksmen

Weather Independent shooting training in Salzburg, Austria

Together with the shooting club Annaberg Georg Bergschober has built in the cellar of his hotel Salzburger Dolomitenhof an ultra-modern underground shooting range facility. Here sport shooters and gun clubs find optimal training conditions throughout the year and in all weathers!

The deepest point of the underground shooting range is seven meters underground, so disturbing other guets by noise is really impossible. All items are automatically set up, all standard international distances of up to one hundred meters can be shot.

You will also find in our underground shooting range:

  • Six 10-meter air rifle / pistol stands
  • Three 100-meter stands for small caliber pistol, crossbow and large caliber weapons (eg hunting weapons)
  • Automatic breakpoints and specific target illumination for the various disciplines
  • Independent training times through the indoor shooting range
  • Video surveillance
  • For an additional fee the gun club provides small calibre weapons

Shooting training in hotel

You want to use with your team-mate, the indoor shooting range in the hotel Salzburger Dolomitenhof for a common shooting training?

You are welcome to join us, we will make you the best offer!
You can reach us by phone +43 6463 8139, or send an email to